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✔ Supported by current case law

✔ Taught from the perspective and experience of a law enforcement officer

✔ Uses real-life situations officers find themselves in often

✔ Definitive answers to common search and seizure & use of force questions

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Want to develop top-notch instructors for your agency? Our Instructor Level Courses will give your training officers the tools to offer proper and effective trainings at your agency while keeping your officers up to date.

* Agencies that sign up for both trainings can schedule them back-to-back or separately

If you would like to discuss your agency training needs, you are welcome to schedule a free 20-minute call. At the scheduled time, we will call you using the number you provide.

“Beneficial for law enforcement officers of all levels of experience and rank.”

Sergeant Kowalek, Kearney NE Police Department

Taught By Don McCrea

  • Search and Seizure & Use of Force Expert
  • 35+ Years in Law Enforcement
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor
  • IADLEST International Certified Instructor

Considered to be a leading expert in Search & Seizure and Use of Force, Don brings a level of experience, passion, and commitment to serving both law enforcement officers and citizens that is second-to-none.