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De-Escalation Training is Coming to Louisiana!

Everything presented in this course is directly applicable to your job as a patrol officer or supervisor. This course identifies and prevents common and costly mistakes made by officers that result in lawsuits, lost careers, and community unrest.

Hosted by the Village of Tangipahoa Police Department and presented by Don McCrea of Premier Police Training, LLC, this challenging and unique 3-day (24 hour) training course may be one of the most powerful and applicable Procedural Justice training events you will ever attend.

The proven techniques and strategies in this de-escalation/non-escalation training help officers stay out of trouble.

As an officer, do you know your authority throughout every step of a police-citizen contact, or do you think you know? There is a crucial difference between the two! Research shows officers often believe they’re doing things properly when, in fact, they’re not.

⇒  Learn to respond calmly and confidently if challenged during stops

⇒  Master doing things right to increase effectiveness on the street

⇒  Develop critical skills to gain voluntary compliance and avoid force

⇒  Apply our formula for making lawful stops and detentions

⇒  Prevent unlawful stops, frisks, and arrests

⇒  Improve use-of-force decision-making &
articulation skills

⇒  Learn eye-opening things about Terry stops, Terry frisks, arrest, police use of force, and duty to intervene


Based upon community policing and procedural justice and supported by case law, this highly rated course can significantly reduce the chance of lawsuits against officers and their agencies. This training is imperative for officer success in today’s volatile environment!

Confident Non-Escalation: Street-Level De-Escalation

for Patrol Officers and Supervisors

August 1 – 3, 2023

Register early because seats are limited to only 40 attendees.

Number of Seats Remaining

Register Here

Florida Parish Arena
1301 NW Central Ave.
Amite City, LA 70422

Dates: August 1 - 3, 2023 (Tuesday - Thursday) 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For questions, call (605) 220-2280 or email