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This course is an absolute game changer! Don’s passion for this profession and training is unmatched.

Corporal J. Huston

This course presentation was all around awesome. The information has given me confidence in my job and authority. This information and course needs to be given to as many officers as possible to save our profession. I confidently know why I do the things I do day-to-day and it’s important that I can articulate why I have my authority.

Deputy R. Lubbers

Very interesting, and informative class. Don is obviously a subject matter expert, and clearly enjoys his role in educating other officers.

Administrative Sergeant Todd Dvorak

The training that Don provides is exceptional and would be beneficial for law enforcement officers of all levels of experience and rank. The courses regarding use of force and search and seizure are highly recommended.

Sergeant Gabriel Kowalek

There is a clear difference between all other instructors and Don McCrea. My point becomes very apparent immediately upon entering his classroom. The vastness of Don’s knowledge never ceases to amaze me and the quickness of his recollection to a specific case law makes everyone so much more confident in what they are doing. Having worked with Don for several years and having him as an instructor in the academy has shown me over and over that he is the expert in use of force/ search and seizure/ reasonable suspicion and many more categories I’m sure not being listed. Bottom line; you want to learn from Don, you will never forget it.

Deputy Manny Langstraat

K9 Handler/Patrol

First course I’ve had on these subjects that gave definitive and specific answers. Scenario based learning was great. Great course overall!

Corporal J. Peyton

Don, The lessons I learned from you will never be forgotten. Your passion left such an impression on me. Your desire to see your students succeed made it so. Thank you for all your instruction… Thank you for having faith in me!

Agent Wilkerson

Don’s presentation will significantly improve your understanding of the 4th Amendment through definitive answers and examples that are based on his expert knowledge and experience. His presentation will cause you to realize how important it is for officers to receive and stay current with this training.

Mark Jandt

Retired Police Officer and Adjunct Academy Training Instructor

Probably the most beneficial training I have ever attended in my 6 years on the job. I found it very engaging and the instructor’s energy and knowledge on the subjects presented was extraordinary.

Deputy Z. Gladney

I thoroughly enjoyed the course I attended. I was impressed by Don’s knowledge of relevant case law and his passion for sharing that knowledge. I would definitely recommend his training to anyone involved in law enforcement, including other prosecutors. With so much on the line, none of us can afford to be uninformed.

Deputy Cheyenne County Attorney Robert Higginson

Cheyenne County Attorney's Office

Fantastic course and went into it wanting to build my confidence in my knowledge and decision making. This course absolutely provided this!

Deputy Curtis

Extremely helpful – thank you for the help. Very impressed with the instructor’s knowledge.

Deputy M. Perue

…I relied completely on training in that situation. I did not have time to think I just had time to react. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you for your dedication to law enforcement, training I learned from you saved our lives. Have a great day.

Officer Michael Morgan

Don is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate instructors I’ve ever met. Don teaches you what you need to know and in a manner where you’re always engaged and retain the information. I would highly recommend Don’s training to anyone in law enforcement.

Deputy Sean Doremus

I have known Don McCrea for several years. This guy has a passion for teaching! More importantly he knows his material. Considered to be the expert on Use of Force/Search and Seizure in South Dakota. Excellent experience having Don McCrea at our agency!

Corporal-Deputy Sheriff Andrew Rindelaub

…Don has effectively developed a program from the ground up, and currently the system he has developed, I believe, is the gold star standard for law enforcement training in the United States. Don has also developed an advanced training program for both Search and Seizure and Use of Force and civil liability that is beyond compare. It is his passion and knowledge of the subject matter that makes him an instructor in high demand throughout the state. His desire to see individual and agency success has seen the advancement of knowledge statewide and his tireless efforts to provide this training has made him an expert in the field…

Shannon Hinrichs

Law Enforcement Staff Instructor

This is the most informative and relevant training I have ever attended.

Deputy A. Sheets

THE Best Training since basic training.

Detective T. Sewell

Wonderful course. Instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable. I would recommend and have recommended it to other agencies.

Sergeant N. Trampe

If you wear the badge, you owe it to yourself to attend Don’s class. Without a doubt, one of the best classes I have attended.

Sergeant Jay Young

It’s not often one finds a training they are willing to take time and write a review. If we do, the training is either really bad or really good, mediocrity in our business never gets a nod, and I am in no way different. As a law enforcement officer for 33 years I have learned to appreciate good training – nothing worse than counting ceiling tiles during a 16 hour course. When I first learned Don was available for 4th amendment training I couldn’t wait to have him instruct my officers and me. Don’s training materials and training style is above anything I have ever attended. No B.S., straight forward, case law backed answers. Now is the time to be trained and UNDERSTAND 4th amendment applications! Don can do that for you – he did it for me and my department.

Chief Jim Davis

University of Nebraska at Kearney Police Department

Most passionate instructor I have ever had!

Sergeant Jeremy Biegert

Don, I’m not sure where to start. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I have learned SO much from you. I am so blessed & thankful to have met you and lucky you were my mentor. There is never enough “Thanks” I can say. I really like how passionate you are in law enforcement. It really makes me excited to do what I want to do, being a deputy. I just hope someday I can be as good as you are! You are an awesome role model. And thank you so much again for everything!

Deputy Amanda Swanson

This course should be required for every patrol officer within the first year of employment.

Deputy J. Carter

If you want to know the ins and outs of Search and Seizure rules, laws, how to apply, when to apply? Then you need to attend one of Premier Police Trainings classes. Don is extremely knowledgeable of the 4th Amendment and how it pertains to you in Law Enforcement!!!

Wade Hoefert