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“Don’s books demand students be interactive and leaves them with the feeling that they got their hands dirty. Law enforcement training is such that we train the most on the things that we do the least. These books give officers a simple and easy way to review what matters most.”

Asa Stiles, Law Enforcement Department Supervisor, Lake Area Technical Institute
Watertown, SD


Great for officers in the field and new recruits!


Handle search and seizure situations with confidence. Written to give quick and straightforward
answers when it matters most, this on-the-go resource is designed to help you make better
decisions in the field while lawfully applying your authority. Complete with scenarios and
examples to study and review. ( 86 pages )

  • Scenarios and Examples Include:
    • Detention, Arrest and Custody
    • Lawful Vehicle Stops
    • Terry Frisks
    • Searches of Vehicles and Residences


Practical Applications for the Street, Courtroom, and Classroom

Unlike other use of force resources that focus on rare situations, this book offers practical guidance using real-life examples and scenarios that officers find themselves in regularly. Written from a law enforcement perspective, readers get to see the Constitution in practice through stories of success and failure, and walk away with a much clearer understanding of their authority as it relates to the application of force.

  • Top-notch resource to train officers and help law enforcement agencies avoid lawsuits
  • Includes printed Instructor Guide (155 pages) and a license for digital Student Guides
  • Instructor version includes pre and post tests as well as all answers to check and track officer progress
  • Applies federal case law extensively throughout
  • Combines effective adult learning methods with scenario-based instruction
  • Sold according to agency size – specifically, how many sworn law enforcement officers in your agency


Practical Applications for the Street, Courtroom, and Classroom

Authored by a nationally certified instructor, search & seizure expert, and long-time officer, this valuable training resource was specifically written to significantly improve the knowledge and skills of officers, recruits, and students as they relate to search and seizure.

This training textbook is an investment in the success of your officers, agencies, recruits, and students!

Sold according to agency size, this unique and comprehensive curriculum takes the mystery out of understanding and lawfully applying search and seizure concepts, and includes:

  • Performing lawful Terry stops and detentions including Terry frisks
  • Detention, arrest, custody, and Miranda concerns
  • Searching vehicles, vehicle occupants, and belongings
  • Searching residences and other private property 
  • Instructor version loaded with chapter assessments, application scenarios, learning exercises, and answers 
  • Student version
  • Many other great training tips and tools to help your officers make the right decisions!

Taught By Don McCrea

  • Search and Seizure & Use of Force Expert
  • 35+ Years in Law Enforcement
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor
  • IADLEST International Certified Instructor

Considered to be a leading expert in Search & Seizure and Use of Force, Don brings a level of experience, passion, and commitment to serving both law enforcement officers and citizens that is second-to-none.

They give you their best every day

Give them the knowledge and confidence they need to protect themselves, your agency, and the citizens they swore to serve.