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Essentials of Search and Seizure is coming to Britton!
12-Hour Course

Don’t go viral! Take the guesswork out of conducting legal vehicle stops and searches. Apply your lawful authority with confidence from beginning to end.

Most importantly, participants will understand the dire importance of conducting lawful vehicle stops and how those stops can detect and solve crime, take dangerous operators and wanted persons off the road, and save lives.

This training will better equip an officer to meet the challenges they can expect to encounter while conducting vehicle stops and searches and when entering and searching private property.

Essentials of Search and Seizure: Increasing the Effectiveness of Officers

June 14, 2022 1:00pm – 5:00pm AND
June 15, 2022 8:00am – 5:00pm

Don’t miss out on this incredible training opportunity!

⇒  Perform legal vehicle stops with confidence from information provided by identified and anonymous sources.

⇒ Determine, once and for all, who is required to identify and controlling the placement and movement of vehicle occupants.

⇒  Confidently apply reasonable suspicious and probable cause in stop, search, and arrest situations.

⇒  Distinguish detention versus custody and how each relates to handcuffing, Miranda, and officer safety issues during vehicle stops.

⇒  Apply the Citizen Informant, Collective Knowledge, and De Minimis Doctrines during vehicle stops and increase your effectiveness!

⇒  Lawfully and confidently search vehicles and vehicle occupants and their belongings.

⇒  Lawfully enter and search private property.

⇒  Get answers to many other vehicle stop situations!

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Location: Britton Event Center
1203 3rd St, Britton, SD

For questions, call (605) 220-2280 or email