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Non-Escalation Training is Coming to Iowa!

Hosted by the Ida County Sheriff’s Office and presented by Don McCrea of Premier Police Training, LLC, this challenging and unique 3-day (24 hour) IADLEST Nationally Certified training course may be one of the most powerful and applicable Procedural Justice training events you will ever attend.

Three critical mistakes made by officers are causing an alarming increase in lawsuits against officers and agencies nationwide. These mistakes are also costing officers their careers and spawning community unrest. Our research shows that officer-induced escalation during police-citizen contacts is the primary cause of eroding support for law enforcement, regardless of rank and years of service. That’s why this non-escalation training is imperative for officer success in today’s volatile environment.

Greatly reduce the chance of your officers and agency being sued with these proven techniques and strategies. Everything presented in this course is directly applicable to your job as a law enforcement officer. This is the training agencies need, officers want, and communities deserve!

Confident Non-Escalation®: This is Where De-Escalation Training Begins

November 29 – December 1, 2021

Don’t miss out on this incredible training opportunity!

⇒  Learn what’s really causing the vast majority of lawsuits, lost careers, and community unrest, and how to prevent them

⇒  Ensure you are confidently, effectively, and lawfully applying your authority throughout every step of police-citizen contacts

⇒  Stay ahead of today’s growing law enforcement challenges by receiving industry-leading training that is thoroughly backed by case law

⇒  Apply our formula for making lawful stops and detentions every time

⇒  Avoid the 6 circumstances leading to unlawful stops and detentions

⇒  Develop critical skills that can gain voluntary compliance and significantly reduce the need to apply force

⇒  Become a more competent and skilled use of force decision-maker, and clearly articulate your decisions

⇒  Learn things you’ve probably never known about Terry stops, Terry frisks, arrest, and police use of force


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Location: Cobblestone Inn and Suites, 2011 Indorf Avenue, Holstein, Iowa 51025

Dates: November 29 - December 1, 2021 (Monday - Wednesday) 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

For questions, call (605) 220-2280 or email