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Policing with Excellence

~ Training Program ~

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Look no further! We’ve done all the work for you in this legal-based training program!

Policing with Excellence is geared directly toward what recruits, patrol officers, patrol supervisors, and training officers really need to know on the job.

The challenges facing officers only continue to grow. In response, agencies must provide training that officers can trust to help them to meet these growing challenges head-on!

Proper decision-making is the most important outcome for officers where it matters the most – on the street. Policing with Excellence provides your officers with an advantage that other training programs just don’t have. Take a close look at what this self-contained, flexible program includes.

Policing with Excellence contains 12 information-packed units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Policing with Excellence
Unit 2: Community Policing & Procedural Justice
Unit 3: Police-Citizen Contacts
Unit 4: Terry Stops
Unit 5: Terry Frisks
Unit 6: Arrest
Unit 7: Search & Seizure of Vehicles and Occupants
Unit 8: Searching Residences & Private Property
Unit 9: Civil Liability
Unit 10: Use of Force
Unit 11: Use of Force Report Writing
Unit 12: The Duty to Intervene

These units contain other topics as well including non-escalation, de-escalation, and Miranda

Some of the resources included in this innovative training are:

✔ 12 impactful spiral-bound Instructor Guides with answers

✔ 171-page Case Law Compilation – a great reference for you and your officers

✔ Convenient training logs with perforated pages

✔ Flash drive packed with printable student workbooks, printable student assessments, and supporting PowerPoint lessons

✔ Five Quick Reference Guides – for answers at your fingertips

✔ Set of 19 colorful and engaging 12″ x 18″ law enforcement posters to decorate your training room and hallway (not shown in picture).

✔ 156 cool color-coded “flashcards” stored in a zippered case to reinforce concepts

✔ Search, seizure, and frisk props

✔ Large clipboard with handle and storage compartment

✔ Notepads – large & small

✔ Basics of Force: 25 Notable Use of Force booklets

✔ Search & Seizure pocket guides

✔ Organized in a nice Galls StreetPro Gear Bag that can be thrown over your shoulder for training on the go… be it to another building, another room, etc.

✔ And More!

For agencies that want student workbooks already printed, we also offer those for sale.

Ways to use this unique and very flexible program to train within your own agency:

As a highly effective legal training program for Field Training or Police Training programs – your program needs to be training this, trust me!

As a solid legal training program for agencies that are in need of one – your officers will thank you!

As challenging and eye-opening in-service training – your in-service training will never be the same!

As a self-guided legal training program – you’re going to learn a lot!

In any other beneficial use for an agency or officer – use your imagination!

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*Purchasers are granted permission to use all the training program materials within their own agency only. No portion of the Policing with Excellence Training Program may be used in any other commercial business.