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Traffic Stops

11 Common Questions
Drivers Ask

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This wallet-size document is a versatile tool for officers and agencies and can be used in numerous ways. For example, it’s a good de-escalation and officer safety tool for officers to use when someone they’ve stopped is upset and questioning the officer about the traffic stop. The officer can respond, “Great questions. When we’re done with this stop, I have a great resource to give to you that I believe you’ll really appreciate.”

Traffic Stops: 11 Common Questions Drivers Ask can also be displayed anywhere in the community – in stores, at the DMV, etc., or handed out at community functions and events.

Here is a sample of what we’re hearing from law enforcement officers about Traffic Stops: 11 Common Questions Drivers Ask

“A great communication tool!”

“I can use this to de-escalate a traffic stop!”

“A Q & A handout for drivers? What a neat idea!”

“This handy little brochure demonstrates to our community that we want to be transparent.”

“We’ve already talked about all the ways our officers and agencies can use these, and we’ve come up with many ideas!”

Sold in bundles of 100.
$100 per bundle of 100 documents (That’s only $1 per item!)

Spanish version coming soon!

Traffic Stops: 11 Common Questions
Drivers Ask

$100 per bundle of 100

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