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Search and Seizure Pocket Guide For Law Enforcement

Great for officers, supervisors, recruits, and students!

Search and Seizure Pocket Guide - Premier Police Training

Make better decisions in the field, and handle search and seizure situations with confidence.

This pocket-sized, on-the-go resource gives quick and straightforward answers when it matters most!

Complete with unique and helpful tips, scenarios, and examples. (86 pages)

Many agencies across the nation have already placed this valuable reference into the hands (and pockets) of their officers.

Have you equipped your officers and recruits with this important tool?

Scenarios and Examples Include:

✅ Terry Stops and Detentions

✅ Terry Frisks

✅ Arrest and Custody

✅ Vehicle Stops and Searches

✅ Searches of Residences and Private Property

✅ And More


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