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Confident Non-Escalation®

This is Where De-Escalation

Training Begins

Confident Non-Escalation®

This is Where De-Escalation Training Begins

Protect your agency and equip your officers with expert-level training on use of force & search and seizure.
“The gold star standard for law enforcement training in the United States.”
Shannon Hinrichs, Law Enforcement Staff Instructor
Your officers can’t afford to be unsure or uninformed.
Premier Police Training can lessen your agency’s chances of being sued by teaching officers to confidently and effectively apply their authority while respecting the rights of the citizens they protect and serve.
Learn and apply the most
recent case laws
Get definitive answers on Use of Force
& Search and Seizure applications
Lower your agency’s risk and
minimize mistakes in the field
“Above anything I have ever attended. No BS, straight forward, case law backed answers.”
Chief Jim Davis, University of Nebraska at Kearney Police Department
✅ Provides clear answers surrounding search & seizure and use of force

✅ Taught by a veteran law enforcement officer

✅ Timely training backed by case law

✅ Participants trained according to national standards

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Taught By Don McCrea
  • Search and Seizure & Use of Force Expert
  • 35+ Years in Law Enforcement
  • IADLEST Nationally Certified Instructor
  • IADLEST International Certified Instructor

Considered to be a leading expert in Search & Seizure and Use of Force, Don brings a level of experience, passion, and commitment to serving both law enforcement officers and citizens that is second-to-none.

“If you wear the badge, you owe it to yourself to attend Don’s class. Without a doubt, one of the best classes I have attended.”
Sergeant Jay Young, Kearney NE Police Department

They give you their best every day

Give them the knowledge and confidence they need to protect themselves, your agency, and the citizens they swore to serve.